Mining Health

Work injuries

  • NBGP sees CMW's (Coal Mine Workers) if they have sustained a work related injury. We refer CMW's to specialists if needed, manage the CMW when returning to work with limitations/restrictions so Suitable Duties Plans can be arranged onsite, manage and treat injuries, while working with the mines health and safety team.

  • NBGP also do the same for non work related injuries, to assist the CMW in returning to work sooner, but to ensure no further injuries arise.

NBGP also work along side with Work Cover while CMW's are receiving treatment.

Coal board medicals

NBGP coal board medicals Include the following:

  • General Health Assessment (Vitals, Height, Weight, BMI etc )

  • Spirometry

  • Hearing Test

  • Visual Acuity Test

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Ishihara (Colour vision testing)

  • Urinalysis

  • ECG's

  • Pathology